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Keshshi (Hello), and welcome to Pueblo Trading Post!
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As a retail arts and crafts dealer, Pueblo Trading Post has been doing business in Zuni for over twenty years and takes tremendous pride in being one of just a handful of reputable arts and crafts establishments located in the Zuni community. Because of our central location, we are able to deal face-to-face with a number of local and area craftspeople on a regular basis. Our store is located within walking distance of craftspeoples' homes, as well as many local attractions, including the historic "Middle Village" and Old Mission church.

Historically speaking, the building that Pueblo Trading Post occupies has a history of its own. Based largely on information provided to Pueblo Trading Post by a local source, our current "home" is believed to have been built sometime in the 1920s by Robert Wallace, brother of well-known Indian trader C.G. Wallace. The building was to serve as a general store and trading post. It is a rather unique building, constructed out of locally quarried "purple" sandstone that many traditional homes--and even some modern homes--are built out of. The present-day Raw Materials and Supplies section served as Zuni's very first post office until around the mid 1970s. The present-day Retail Showroom section served as a general dry goods and grocery store managed by Mickey Vander Wagen until the late 1970s. During that time, the store was called Pueblo Trading Post.

Present-day co-owners Chet Jones and Susan Deal decided to keep the name "Pueblo Trading Post" when they moved into the building around 1980. From that point on, Pueblo Trading Post would become a "full-service" trading post and raw materials supply store, continuing the proud tradition of the Wallace brothers, the Vander Wagen brothers and many other prominent Indian traders who have made their way through Zuni Pueblo at one time or another. The fact that Pueblo Trading Post has been here for over twenty years is testament that the Indian arts and crafts industry is still going strong, and that there is still a demand for AUTHENTIC hand-made Indian arts and crafts. Pueblo Trading Post is one of the few remaining Indian trading posts where REAL craftspeople come in on a daily basis, either to purchase silver and lapidary supplies, or to sell and trade their finished arts and crafts items.

We invite you to come into our store during your visit and browse through our entire inventory of AUTHENTIC Indian hand-made arts and crafts items and collectibles! Once again, because we buy directly from the artists themselves,
BUY DIRECT from Zuni Pueblo...BUY DIRECT from the source!

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